Welcome to Heung‘s Dental Circle 康齒牙科醫務所

Confident Smile 自信笑容由齒起

Proper Oral Hygiene 牙齒健康

Cosmetic Dentistry 美齒

Smile More 常歡笑

The best of our services 用❤️服務

  • Your Trust We Care
  • Your Health We Concern

 Our Team 我們的團隊

👨‍⚕️  Dr William Heung  BDS(HK)                         香志偉醫生                            

👩‍⚕️  Dr Fiona Chan        BDS(HK)                         陳嘉莉醫生                                             


General 牙科全科

  • Oral Examination 檢查
  • Tooth Restoration 補牙
  • Extraction 拔牙
  • Scaling &Polishing 洗牙
  • Root Canal Theray杜牙根

Cosmetic 牙齒美容

  • Teeth Whitening 漂牙
  • Brace /Clear Aligner矯齒
  • Veneer & Crown 牙套

Rehabilitation 修復齒

  • Implant 植牙
  • Bridge 牙橋

Want to make booking or have a question? 想約時間還是查詢

Call us on +852 27898233  or simply book an appointment  請聯絡我們 +852 27898233

I have been visited Dr Chan since 2003 . Highly recommended. Reasonable Price. Good Location
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